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    To compliment our podcast on necrophilia, this gallery expands upon the 10 categories of necrophilia we list in the episode. Originally published in 2009, Anil Aggrawal created these classifications in the the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine. Because the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders grouped necrophilia under other uncommon paraphilias, Aggrawal introduced this new system of classification to distinguish between variations.

    This type of necrophiliac prefers for their partner to actually be alive, but pretending to be dead. Aggrawal classifies this as "mildly pathological" and states that some role players ask their partner to cover their body with cosmetics to resemble a corpse. Others may act out scenarios involving vampirism and resurrection. He also cites A Textbook Case of Psychosexual Disorders as evidence that some brothels in Paris cater to role playing necrophiliacs by making up their prostitutes like a corpse inside a coffin.

    Like Joaquin Phoenix's character in the film Quills, some necrophiliacs are simply bereaved and attached to their dead loved one's body. Aggrawal suggests that romantic necrophiliacs will recover from this psychopathology over time.

    If you've ever visited a cemetery or funeral parlor just for erotic pleasure, you may be a "necrophilic fantasizer." According to Aggrawal a French morgue had to install a surveillance system several years ago when it discovered multiple people masturbating in front of glass cases containing exposed cadavers. These fantasizers may experience arousal simply by seeing a dead body.

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