How it's love?
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    How it's love?

    by mrdncr » Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:52 am

    ‘It is not enough to love people; you must ask yourself how you love them. Strive to introduce purity and light into your love, for it is this condition alone that enables those you love to grow and to attain fulfillment. True love must bring others all blessings: joy, peace, beauty, health and especially a sense of the meaning of life. If you see that the person you love is weakening and losing their joy of life, you must question your love, saying: ‘But what have I done to this creature? I was meant to cultivate it like a flower in a garden, but instead I have allowed it to wilt, I have damaged it!’ You have little to be proud of and must work to rectify your errors. Your love must help another grow, and only when you see that this being is blossoming because of your love can you be happy, proud and grateful to heaven.’

    Understanding eros, love and sexuality
    Eros, love and sexuality are central elements of the human condition capable of creating the deepest fulfillment as well as torment and tragedy. Explore many layers of truth and illusion that characterize the depths of these forces.

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