Things That Men in Bed Enjoy
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    Things That Men in Bed Enjoy

    by xabdullah42 » Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:15 am


    Everything that women want in bed is more or less known to everyone.But what the men want in bed and what movements they like will be an unknown topic.In this article, "What do men like in bed?" We will answer the question.

    "Serious about palms?" I feel like you are saying now. But the area that will give men the quickest stimulation is the palm area. With the palms, men will do it in the palm of the hand. Circular movements give the man a short time to warn the man.

    2-) Neck
    The neck region is one of the most enjoyable points of men. The touches you will make to the osland area, the kisses that you will put on will allow your man to enjoy in a short time. The country will soften and make you feel great relief. The skin in the oval region is quite incredical.

    3-) Lap
    A man is the most effective way to stimulate a man in a short time. But I do not mean to wait for him to sit on his lap flat in your lap. In your man arms you will dance and you will be prompted and warned.

    4-) Foot Ankles
    I feel like I hear you say "no more" but you have not heard it wrong. One of the most enjoyable spots is the ankle wrists. With soft touches, your massage on your ankles will surely affect it.

    5-) Earlobe
    One of the regions where both men and women enjoy mutual pleasure is the earpiece. You can make your man happier by kissing the ear.

    6-) Nipples
    The nipples, one of the women's stimulated regions, can also stimulate not only women but also men. Small kisses that will touch your breasts will allow your man to be alerted more quickly, to enjoy more.

    7-) Hairs
    I do not know a man who does not like playing with his hair.You can make him happier by playing with your permission hair before your sex.

    8-) Hips
    According to a research done, one of every three men has shown that they enjoy caressing the hips. Just like women, they can be excited by their hips. The hips are the hip estrogen area and the pressure made makes the body alert.

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